AMA-ZED: School design from A-Z

AMA Alexi Marmot Associates;


AMA-ZED: School design from A-Z.

AMA Alexi Marmot Associate: London, UK.


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A building project, refurbishing your existing school or
creating a new one, is a golden opportunity to rethink
education. Investment in school facilities can help to
transform pupils’ experience, implement a renewed
curriculum and class structure, shift the balance between
academic and life skills, and enhance the relationship
between the school, parents and the local community.
This booklet has been prepared to generate ideas
about school aspirations and the way in which school
buildings and grounds can help deliver an educational
vision. Pupils, teachers, governors, parents, local
education officers, PFI teams and designers, can all
use it to define their aspirations for the school and its
community, and to debate how the physical infrastructure
might help achieve these aspirations.
The booklet lends itself for use as a workshop tool.
For example, you could use each of the 26 themes
to stimulate your stakeholders in defining what they
believe is needed for educational facilities in the whole
community, in just one school, or even in a single room.
Your designers can then suggest their response. The
booklet also works as a creative teaching tool to elicit
pupils’ desires and creative solutions for their ideal
learning environments.

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