Progress of triazole antifungal agent posaconazole in individualized therapy

What is known and objective:

Posaconazole is the second-generation triazole antifungal agent with widespread clinical application. Posaconazole exposure is influenced by various factors such as drug interactions, disease state and diet, resulting in a high interindividual variability in many patients and failure to ensure therapeutic efficacy. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct individualized therapy on posaconazole to ensure the efficacy and safety of treatment.


Articles were identified through PubMed using the keywords such as “posaconazole,” “therapeutic drug monitoring” and “Population pharmacokinetics” from 1 January 2001 to 30 April 2022.

Results and discussion:

In this paper, we review the individualized treatment studies of posaconazole from the three aspects of therapeutic drug monitoring, population pharmacokinetic study and Monte Carlo simulation to provide reference for in-depth individualized posaconazole dosing studies.

What is new and conclusion:

This review suggests that therapeutic drug monitoring should be performed in patients taking posaconazole to adjust the dosage and assess the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of posaconazole under different clinical conditions and different dosing regimens through Monte Carlo simulations. In the future, a more detailed delineation and comprehensive examination of posaconazole PPK for specific populations requires further study.


Monte carlo simulation; individualized therapy; population pharmacokinetics; posaconazole; therapeutic drug monitoring.

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