one thing that kept me sane at…

Do you ever find as you get older that “fail” videos get less funny

In addition to the ones that are actually worrying/show actual danger, even the ones that don’t do that are so meh

Like oh that guy hit the bar while high jumping or pole vaulting? That’s how it works though, you keep going higher until you hit the bar. Literally every athlete hits the bar at least 3 times per competition (in high jump anyway)

Someone slipped on the ice? Yeah it’s ice

Someone messed up an art project? I mean yeah, art is hard

“Failing” has become such a normal and standard occurrence in my life that it really doesn’t warrant laughing or even pointing out unless there’s a better way to do it. I don’t even mean that as like, I’m offended by it, just, I don’t laugh when someone blinks either, it’s not rude, it’s just silly to act surprised when someone does something so common

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