Exclusive Deals on Botox and Dermal Filler Injectables Ends Soon

Invest in a Beautiful You this November! Achieve the Look You Desire at Less Cost.

November Injectables special offer on Botox injections and facial fillers at bodySCULPT® are ending soon.

Only 2 days left to grab up to $200 off on Botox and dermal fillers.

With this November Injectables special offer, bodySCULPT® is providing

  • $100 off on Botox injections, and
  • $200 on facial fillers

What are you waiting for? This exciting discount ends in two days’ time.

November Specials

Save $100 on Botox Injections

Our usual Botox cost is $600 per area

For the month of November – $500/area ($100 off each area)

Save $200 on Facial Fillers

Usual cost for fillers – $1200/syringe

For the month of November – $1000/syringe

Restore your youthful appearance and improve your self-esteem, and get ready for your holidays.

Botox injections are ideal to reduce lines in the forehead, frown lines between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes. The procedure temporarily relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles. This injection treatment can also be used on the lips and the chin area.

At the same time, dermal fillers are a good option to address static wrinkles. Fillers can rejuvenate your appearance by adding volume to the face and smoothen the skin. This procedure is also ideal to treat signs of aging such as marionette lines, sunken cheeks, upper and lower eyelids sagging, fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, and more.

If you’re considering to gift cosmetic surgery to your friends or loved ones this holiday season, this is the right time. These facial rejuvenation treatments can do wonders in a short time.

Just 2 more days left to grab this exciting offer on Botox injections and facial fillers.

Call bodySCULPT® directly at (212)265-2724 to schedule your consultation!

Get ready for your holidays! Take years off your appearance with little to no downtime.

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