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Heart disease impacts people all around the world—find out what organizations support them.

Our hearts play a vital role in how our bodies and how they function, but time and medical conditions can change the ways that they operate. All around the world, people are influenced by heart disease. For many, these influences spread out across family and friends too. Fortunately, some very hardworking non-profits are committed to supporting those with heart disease and heart disease research. Let’s take a closer look at these helpful organizations.

Different non-profits support those with heart disease in different ways. Since there are so many ways for people to be impacted, the organizations can differ significantly in focus and what they offer. These top non-profit organizations are here to help!

Conquering CHD is an organization that is fully committed to supporting the millions of adults and children in the United States impacted by Congenital Heart Disease. Founded in 2013, this group works hard to help share the reality of living with this condition and what it can mean for families. Their ultimate goal is to create a dialogue, increase awareness, and generate support for those who are impacted by CHD—and they do a great job of it too!

The American Heart Association is one of the largest heart disease nonprofits there is. These dedicated individuals are fully committed to helping to support hearts at every beat. Offering research, funding, and insights into conditions that impact the heart, this group is always looking for new ways to help. From genetic conditions to emergency care, they support hearts.

This group defines itself as “a community with a heart” and is driven by the hope of supporting those in need. Started back in the 1950s, Mended Hearts is an organization that aims to give the gift of hope. With expansive reach and research, they do just that. Mended Hearts is actually the largest global support network for heart disease patients and heart research.

Project Heart is another group that focuses on congenital heart disease and its impacts. With the goal of ending congenital heart disease, they are always looking to collect donations to support those in need. From education to family support, this group is committed to getting people and their hearts the support that they deserve.

The Takeaway

Heart disease is a significant concern that requires a lot of support from local communities—and these groups are doing what they can to help. At Conquering CHD, we are proud to offer our support and stand by these powerful organizations that are working to make the world a better place. To learn more about how we help individuals and their families to gain the support they need, contact us today. With enough help, we believe that CHD can be ended through dedicated CHD support.

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