‘Violent Night’s latest trailer reveals a new Santa Claus through David Harbour

What if Santa had a gun? 

Tommy Wirkola’s Violent Night gives you just that, and features a beer-drinking, ass-kicking Santa Claus (David Harbour) who takes you being on the naughty list a little too seriously. So when a team of mercenaries, led by John Leguizamo, break into an ostentatiously wealthy family compound to snag a mere $300 million dollars as a Christmas gift, Santa Claus clearly has no choice but to step in and beat the living shit out of them. 

The trailer will give you a thousand ideas on how to uniquely use candy canes and Christmas decorations for other activities — think trying to take someone’s eye out. Will give an entirely new meaning to seeing Santa pop up in your chimney — he’s here for some “seasons beatings.” And is just so stupidly revolutionary — Die Hard meets The Santa Clause? Consider me booked and seated. 

Be gone Santa Clauses of Christmas past, David Harbour is our new ho-ho-ho-ing hero. 

Violent Night is premiering in theaters Dec. 2. 

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