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Webinar Nothing about building an enterprise-class AI infrastructure stack is a walk in the park. Rather it is a lope through a maze of thorny trees in the dark with unseasonal fog.

To avoid getting lost among the roots, it helps to have a map which can help developers and engineers identify the resources they need to deliver your AI projects, efficiently and economically, no matter their complexity, and to meet all your enterprise needs.

How much better to be able to make that journey with confidence? To free your data scientists from the burden of leading you through the thickets to deliver the results you expect and to discover the very best way to create your own AI infrastructure stack.

Join Michael Balint of Nvidia and Gijsbert Janssen Van Doorn from Run:ai on 12th October at 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT as they share their experience of using Run:ai Atlas alongside Nvidia’s suite of hardware solutions with our very own Tim Phillips.

Together they’ll show you the way to build a cloud-native AI infrastructure platform that gives you return on investment from model training to deployment. The trio will also consider why so many AI projects come unstuck, and what you need to create the right foundations to take AI into production at scale.

Register for our “Build an enterprise-class AI infrastructure stack” webinar here and we will send you a reminder.

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