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Sponsored Post Hearing about the future of AI is one thing. Hearing about it from someone with deep experience of the technology and business world in general, and AI in particular, is quite another.

Especially when that someone works with the G7 and OECD’s global agency for AI, and advises governments in Europe and Asia on policy-making for the digitization of industry and the ethical deployment of AI in society

Which is why you really should tune in when Imma Martinez delivers the next keynote in Lenovo, Nutanix and Intel®’s ground-breaking series, Smarter Technology for the Next Reality, on September 13, at 1pm BST/2pm CET.

Imma will be discussing the need for AI in real world, post-pandemic situations, covering questions such as how AI can help counter the supply chain crisis that is roiling the world economy.

Her own career has taken Imma from Cable and Wireless’ telecoms engineering college to lecturing at Imperial College Business School, advising the UK and Spanish governments, and the EU, on AI and technology, and being co-chair and project leader for AI in agriculture and farming at the GPAI, OECD global agency for AI.

This promises to be a mind-stretching keynote. But if you’d like to warm up for it, you should check out the previous sessions in the series.

These include futurist Shivvy Jervis explaining the need for human-led innovation, with a particular focus on the intersection of digital advances, scientific developments, and psychology.

Sue Black, Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist in the Department of Computer Science at Durham University, detailed her own experience with technology, the Internet, and the cloud, highlighting how they have changed her life for the better and can change yours too.

And most recently, DeltalogiX founder and CEO Linda Grasso, discussed responsible innovation and the synergy between technology and sustainability. All the of these sessions can be accessed from the Smarter Technology for the Next Reality website.

Signing up for this series doesn’t just give you access to the keynotes. You’ll also benefit from a raft of other relevant content, from analyst reports, whitepapers, infographics and real-world customer stories, that will bring technology to life and put it into context.

All you need to do is head here, register and start planning for your own, AI-powered future.

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