A Critical Popularization of Customized Curation Service for Cosmetics in Republic of Korea


Consumer and advanced consumption culture in modern society is an era that focuses on individual personality and value, and “my own customized products,” or customized marketing strategies, are actively being developed throughout the industry. Recently, IT technologies that can support personalized services such as artificial intelligence, ubiquitous systems, and marketing automation have been recognized for their potential, directly or indirectly affecting distribution industries affected by personal consumption culture. Accordingly, customized products or services, i.e., customization, are attracting attention as an effective methodology to cope with such market changes.


Among the necessities used by modern women, cosmetics account for an endless interest in beauty and maintaining physical and mental health, and as the cosmetics market expands, it is considered that the cosmetics industry needs a clearer and in-depth study on the cosmetics sub-market to satisfy consumers’ diverse needs.


This review paper is a literature review, and a narrative review approach has been used for this study. A total of 300 to 400 references were selected using representative journal search websites such as PubMed, Google Scholar, Scopus, ResearchGate, LitCovid, DBPia and RISS, of which a total of 37 papers were selected in the final stage based on 2013 to 2022 using PRISMA flow diagram.


Therefore, this study suggested to indicate the changes in the cosmetics market due to the emergence of cosmetics curation services after the COVID-19 pandemic, advanced changes in consumer purchase patterns following the 4th Industrial Revolution, and significant future prospects of cosmetics curation services.


As the beauty and cosmetology industry is expected to develop in the future, it will grow as a centerpiece of the beauty industry and symbolizes nationalized cultural pride. Therefore, this review article will be continuing to promote customization as a premium beauty service in Republic of Korea through corporate analysis.


4th industrial revolution; COVID-19 Pandemic; Customized cosmetics; Customized cosmetics business system; Customized curation; Product consumption markets.

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