Physician ‘gun lover’ offers suggestions for safer Second Amendment

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Michael Rose, MD, MPH, is a proud gun owner, hunter, and native North Dakotan who practices medicine in the heart of Baltimore. Dr. Rose understands how his personal and professional lives may seem at odds with one another. But in a new personal essay published in Annals of Internal Medicine, Dr. Rose draws upon an insider’s perspective to offer suggestions for more common-sense gun laws and a safer Second Amendment.

Gun ownership is a right protected by the Constitution, and nearly 30 percent of Americans own a gun. However, as previous research published in Annals has suggested, has significant health and safety impacts for owners, their , and the public.

Dr. Rose argues that his experience practicing medicine in Baltimore has shown him the devastating impact of America’s lack of gun regulation. While is a right affirmed by the United States constitution and legal precedent, U.S. Supreme Court rulings maintain that gun rights can be regulated—and the history of public health shows that regulation allows for harm reduction. Dr. Rose believes that vocal gun extremists are the outliers and responsible gun owners like himself will support common sense policy suggestions, including reinstating the national ban on assault rifles, outlawing gun carrying in high-occupancy spaces, implementing of universal background checks, and improving safety training.

Many gun policy solutions are effective and popular, experts say

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Michael Rose, Rugers, Remingtons, and Reality: A Gun Lover’s Plea for a Safer Second Amendment, Annals of Internal Medicine (2022). DOI: 10.7326/M22-1792

Physician ‘gun lover’ offers suggestions for safer Second Amendment (2022, August 30)
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