Australian telehealth startup Coviu launches in the US

Telehealth company Coviu has started offering its virtual care platform in the United States. 

From a global staff count of 50, it also plans to double its headcount over the next 12 months as it pursues international growth.

Coviu’s telehealth platform features secure video conferencing, an apps marketplace, remote patient monitoring, and new functionalities that allow group telehealth sessions and making phone consultations. 

Coviu also comes integrated with digital tools, including digital pathways solution ZEDOC by The Clinician, Propell Health mobile health devices, and recently, 2M Lingo’s on-demand interpreting services by Ezispeak and 2M Lingo. 

At present, the platform is being used by over 90,000 clinicians worldwide, delivering a daily average of over 14,000 telehealth consultations.


Coviu intends to empower more medical professionals with the “right” tools to harness health data in a connected care platform. 

“Today, healthcare is replete with systems of record, important health data resident in siloes waiting to be liberated. Now is the time to be investing in our global healthcare community, ensuring that healthcare practitioners around the world have the right tools in place to support an enhanced level of care by combining health data with Coviu’s connected care platform, thus enabling healthcare’s system of action. This is exactly why we’re expanding into the US,” explained Kirk Paul Kirkman, the company’s recently appointed president and chief commercial officer.


Since the pandemic started, Coviu has seen its platform usage jump by over 60 folds. Within two years of the pandemic in Australia, it delivered over 100 million phone and video telehealth services to around 17 million people. 

Coviu claims that as the world enters into a post-pandemic situation, virtual care is here to stay. “Connected, digital care is here to stay and plays an important role in improving healthcare convenience and accessibility. The future of healthcare will be centred around patient needs with health tech at their fingertips,” said CEO and founder Dr Silvia Pfeiffer.

Citing a report from Future Market Insights, the company notes that the global telehealth market is projected to grow to $14 billion by 2030, growing at a 15% CAGR. 

In other news, Coviu is working on a new digital wound care toolkit in collaboration with the  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and the Western NSW Primary Health Network. It plans to release the digital toolkit on its platform by 2026.

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