Morpheus8 Treatment vs Fractora Treatment In NYC

As you age, your body witnesses many changes. Wrinkles and lines might appear on your skin. Your skin may turn saggy and excess fat might appear on various parts of your body. In other words, as years pass, the tone and texture of the skin change. Due to this, many feel low and might lose confidence especially when making a public appearance. They might try different methods like exercises or workouts and diet to restore the beauty of their body, which may not work out. In this scenario, plastic surgeons in Manhattan provide various solutions to address your aesthetic concerns.

Two such cosmetic solutions are Morpheus8 and Fractora. Let’s check out these procedures in detail.

Morpheus8 Treatment

According to Realself’s 2021 Aesthetic trending report, this non-invasive procedure secured second position among top 5 trending cosmetic procedures. Morpheus8 treatment in Manhattan, NYC utilizes radio frequency (RF) energy for fractional remodeling of the whole body, stimulating the production of collagen, tightening the wrinkles on the face and body.

Morpheus8 is an FDA-approved breakthrough treatment technology where radiofrequency energy penetrates into the subdermal tissues up to 8mm for delivering full body fractional remodeling. Morpheus 8 is an ideal option for treating areas such as the face, neck and abdomen.

The major advantage of Morpheus 8 treatment is that it is safe and suitable for all types of skin. The other advantages of Morpheus 8 include:

  • Treat small as well as large body areas
  • Ideal option for skin tightening
  • Improves elasticity of skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Short treatment time
  • Less to no downtime
  • Quick and long-lasting results
  • No surgical scars

For achieving optimal results, you should appear for several treatment sittings as per the recommendation of your surgeon. Most probably it would span several weeks.

Fractora Treatment

It is a sophisticated treatment technology that utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to improve the texture of the skin, and remove wrinkles and acne scars. Though it is developed to work with BodyTite, Fractora dramatically improves the skin tone by eliminating wrinkles and restructuring deeper layers of tissues. It is an applicator on the InMode platform.

Unlike Morpheus 8, Fractora treatment in Manhattan, NYC is meant for treating facial regions. This treatment can resolve problems related to superficial skin tones, for instance, photo damage. This device can deliver radiofrequency (RF) technology in various frequencies to the target site, based on the aesthetic needs of the patients. It effectively addresses various facial issues such as

  • Wrinkles and lines around the eyes, lips and chin region
  • Saggy skin on the cheek, jowl and neck
  • Smoker’s lip
  • Acne scars

The benefits of Fractora include:

  • Improve the complexion of skin
  • Lowers the irregularities of skin
  • Restore the health of the skin
  • Provides a youthful appearance
  • Safe procedure
  • Less time for healing
  • Less downtime
  • Less side effects like surgical scars

The ideal candidates for Morpheus 8 and Fractora are those in good health and maintain realistic expectations regarding these procedures and their outcomes.

Which option is ideal for you?

Morpheus 8 and Fractora are ideal options for rejuvenating skin and providing a youthful appearance. However, if you want to treat large areas, then Morpheus 8 is an ideal option. On the other hand, if you want to treat only facial areas and have deep wrinkles and lines, then Fractora suits your aesthetic needs.

Morpheus8 treatment in Manhattan, NYC and fractora treatment in Manhattan, NYC are groundbreaking treatment procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery. If you are planning to undergo these procedures, approach a plastic surgeon with skill and experience in performing them so that you get the best results.

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