An Inside Look:  A Clinician’s Experience with the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program

The Final Outcome

Without a doubt, Waterlase has been a key differentiator when it comes to my practice and patient comfort. I had the opportunity to experience it for myself, see how it made me a better clinician, and better yet, how it benefits my patients.

Even my office staff has been impressed by the laser and its ability to perform faster minimally invasive procedures that make our patients happy and our workflow easier. My entire team has been properly trained to set it up, clean, and store the laser at the end of the day – they certainly enjoy seeing treatment being done on the quicker side and being part of an innovative team.

Overall, the success of our Waterlase would have not been possible without the help and support of the dedicated BIOLASE team, instructors, and peer community. This was highly noted during my trial program, and it showed meeting a lot of the team members and leaders at the Waterlase Weekend event in Palm Springs, CA. This was the ultimate experience to celebrate with other Waterlase dentists and the BIOLASE team. It’s amazing how much BIOLASE takes care of its doctors! Everything from their company culture, to having fun at the BMW racetrack, to the support with the equipment – it was quite evident. It was a great networking event, and I really enjoyed my time with the team and my peers.

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