Personalised Dosing Using the CURATE.AI Algorithm: Protocol for a Feasibility Study in Patients with Hypertension and Type II Diabetes Mellitus

. 2022 Jul 23;19(15):8979.

doi: 10.3390/ijerph19158979.


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Amartya Mukhopadhyay et al.

Int J Environ Res Public Health.



Chronic diseases typically require long-term management through healthy lifestyle practices and pharmacological intervention. Although efficacious treatments exist, disease control is often sub-optimal leading to chronic disease-related sequela. Poor disease control can partially be explained by the ‘one size fits all’ pharmacological approach. Precision medicine aims to tailor treatments to the individual. CURATE.AI is a dosing optimisation platform that considers individual factors to improve the precision of drug therapies. CURATE.AI has been validated in other therapeutic areas, such as cancer, but has yet to be applied in chronic disease care. We will evaluate the CURATE.AI system through a single-arm feasibility study (n = 20 hypertensives and n = 20 type II diabetics). Dosing decisions will be based on CURATE.AI recommendations. We will prospectively collect clinical and qualitative data and report on the clinical effect, implementation challenges, and acceptability of using CURATE.AI. In addition, we will explore how to enhance the algorithm further using retrospective patient data. For example, the inclusion of other variables, the simultaneous optimisation of multiple drugs, and the incorporation of other artificial intelligence algorithms. Overall, this project aims to understand the feasibility of using CURATE.AI in clinical practice. Barriers and enablers to CURATE.AI will be identified to inform the system’s future development.


ambulatory care; artificial intelligence; chronic disease management; personalised medicine; self-management.

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