STAT+: Pharmalittle: FDA user-fee reauthorization bill hits a snag; USPTO takes a tougher stand toward drugmakers

Rise and shine. Another busy day is on the way. Indeed, the official to-do list is brimming with tasks and reminders. On the bright side, there is a shiny sun and a cool breeze wafting about the Pharmalot campus, where the official mascot is enjoying the moment. As for us, yes, we are downing still more cups of stimulation to steel ourselves for what today may bring. No doubt, you may relate. Our choice today is wild mountain blueberry. Feel free to join us, or grab a bottle of water, if you prefer. Meanwhile, here are some items of interest. Have a great day, everyone. …

People who work at biotechs, life sciences firms, and drugmakers pull in the largest salaries of anyone in health care — usually more than $100,000 per year, and frequently above $250,000, according to a STAT analysis of the median pay for employees at more than 200 publicly traded health care companies. These workers usually have advanced degrees and are steeped in knowledge of science and drug development. They are testing new therapies and conducting clinical trials. But Americans who work at health care providers — especially those who care for vulnerable patients in nursing homes, hospices, assisted-living centers, and home care — continue to make the industry’s lowest wages.

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