Designing Infographics: Visual Representations for Enhancing Education, Communication, and Scientific Research


. 2022 Jul 11;37(27):e214.

doi: 10.3346/jkms.2022.37.e214.


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Lisa Traboco et al.

J Korean Med Sci.



Infographics are graphic visual representations of educational content, used to deliver complex information, disseminate scientific research, and drive behavioral change. Herein, we review some of the factors pertinent to designing infographics and the potential for automation in the future. To guide high-impact design, it is vital to clearly define the objectives of the infographic and its target audience. Designing an effective infographic necessitates careful consideration of the layout, colors, font, and context. More recently, technical support to develop infographics are increasingly available through online software (Canva, Adobe, and Venngage) and emerging artificial intelligence programs. References can also become a visual representation of trends in scientific discovery. It is crucial for clinicians, researchers and scientists to have the knowledge and skills to design compelling infographics. In the era of social media, the uptake and effects of infographics for disseminating scientific research and public health education need to be further studied to understand their full potential.


Design; Infographics; Research; Social Media; Technology.

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