Epi-Pet’s FDA-Authorized K-9 Care Sunscreen for Dogs Continues to Break Sales Records

MIAMI–()–Epi-Pet’s K-9 Care Sunscreen has been on the market for over 15 years, but the past few years have shown tremendous sales growth for the only FDA-authorized sunscreen for dogs. More and more pet parents have realized the importance of protecting their dogs from the sun and have come to trust the veterinary-developed sunscreen.

It is important for all pet parents to be aware of the sun protection their dogs need. Dogs skin can get burnt, just like humans’ skin, even though dogs have fur. Canines are often burnt on their muzzles, ears and underbellies. K-9 Care Sunscreen helps prevent sunburn and protects against skin cancers such as Squamous Cell Carcinomas, Basil Cell Carcinomas and Hemangiosarcomas.

In 2021, Epi-Pet sold over 30,812 units of K-9 Care Sunscreen, and sales in 2022 are pacing to eclipse that. With the success Epi-Pet has had, there have been a number of “copycat” sunscreens released onto the market that claim to protect dogs, but have different ingredients and are not FDA-authorized.

Dr. Michael Fleck, a licensed veterinarian for over 30 years and the product’s developer, states, “Pet parents love their pets and want to do the best possible for them. It’s important that when they look at choosing a sun protector, they choose one that is safe for their dog and is FDA-authorized. Don’t be fooled by labels. There are brands that are recognized by consumers for human sunscreen, have questionable ingredients that are not compatible with the pet skin, may be harmful to pet skin and do not have FDA authorization. At Epi-Pet, we worked with the FDA for years and developed a product that both works and is safe for your dog!”

K-9 Care Sunscreen is currently carried at www.Epi-Pet.com, Amazon.com, Chewy.com, Walmart.com and in select veterinary offices nationwide. Epi-Pet is currently looking for additional retail partners to expand into traditional brick and mortar stores.

For more information or to order K-9 Care Sunscreen, visit www.epi-pet.com

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