The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Football Risk Prediction

. 2022 Jun 13;2022:6996134.

doi: 10.1155/2022/6996134.

eCollection 2022.


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Jinyu Qiao.

Comput Intell Neurosci.



Football is the most popular sports in the World, with an estimated global following of 4.0 billion fans worldwide. Football draws attention from people of various age groups. The result of the game only decides the performance of the team and individual players. The player has to train smarter to avoid a career-ending injury. Sports have also entered into the new era of artificial intelligence as any industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) in football acts like a teammate to the players and also plays the role of an assistant coach. The coach uses artificial intelligence and incorporates it into the traditional way of training. The Football Associations have already implemented sensors to collect data in the form of technologies such as Video Assistant Referee and Goal Line Technology. Additionally, the quality of the players and the coaches is improved with smart technological implementation. This technology itself incorporates the utilization of smart technologies for data acquisition using sensor networks and an intelligent data analysis. The proposed algorithm is compared with the fuzzy logic model (FLM) and found that it is 7.2% of higher risk predication by the proposed model than the existing.

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