Pharmacokinetics of extrafine beclometasone dipropionate/formoterol fumarate/glycopyrronium bromide in adolescent and adult patients with asthma


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Piotr Kuna et al.

Pharmacol Res Perspect.

2022 Aug.


The single-inhaler extrafine formulation triple combination beclometasone dipropionate (BDP), formoterol fumarate (FF) plus glycopyrronium bromide (GB) is available for asthma management in adults. Its use in adolescents has not yet been evaluated. This study investigated the pharmacokinetic profile of BDP/FF/GB in adults and adolescents, with the aim of ruling out higher plasma exposure in adolescents compared to adults. In this open-label, non-randomized study, patients with asthma aged 12-17 (adolescents) and 18-64 years (adults) self-administered a single dose of BDP/FF/GB 400/24/50 μg via pressurized metered-dose inhaler (pMDI). The primary objective was to rule out higher systemic exposure to beclometasone 17-monopropionate (B17MP; active metabolite of BDP), formoterol, and GB in terms of the area under the plasma concentration-time curve from 0 to the last quantifiable concentration (AUC0-t ) in adolescents versus adults. A total of 40 adolescents and 40 adults entered the study (mean age of 14.8 and 43.6 years, respectively). The primary objective (AUC0-t ) was met, with the upper 90% confidence interval of the geometric mean ratio between adolescents and adults <125% for B17MP (point estimate 79.28 [90% CI 71.19; 88.29]), formoterol (88.68 [77.71; 101.20]) and GB (85.49 [72.96; 100.16]). All secondary pharmacokinetic endpoints supported the primary, with pharmacodynamic (safety) and tolerability results similar in the two populations. In conclusion, systemic exposure to extrafine BDP/FF/GB pMDI in adolescents was not higher than that in adults. Furthermore, there were no safety or tolerability signals to warrant a reduction in the dose of BDP/FF/GB for adolescents with asthma.


adolescents; asthma; pharmacodynamics; pharmacokinetics; systemic exposure; triple therapy.



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