Google Assistant and YouTube to be incorporated into Volvo cars | by Tapaan Chauhan

It has been announced that Google is about to join hands with the Volvo car group to integrate its Google Assistant features along with Apps like YouTube into Volvo cars.

As technology is taking over the world in every aspect, it is not surprising that now you will soon be able to give commands to Google Assistant for managing various features of your car.

Through this innovative incorporation, people will be able to control functions in their car like opening and locking the car, maintenance of temperature inside the car, getting information about battery life opening and closing of the windows of the car, and many more, by allocating voice commands to Google Assistant-enabled home and mobile devices.

Apart from managing these functions in your car, there is even an option for your entertainment through installments of Google-managed apps like YouTube.

Now you do not need to worry about being bored while waiting for the massive traffic jam to be cleared. This embedding of the YouTube app in your car gives you several options to entertain and relax while waiting like streaming videos and music.

This feature also ensures its customers’ safety by allowing YouTube to play only when the car is off and parked. This means, people will not be able to play YouTube videos while driving, which will prevent them from any kind of distractions, and hence, it can prevent major accidents to happen.

Volvo is the first automobile company that has achieved this milestone to sell cars within built-in Google’s Android operating system.

This integration helps improve customer experience immensely as it gives the car owners the power to easily manage their car no matter where they are if they are using a device having Google Assistant.

To deliver its customer with more secure features, this incorporation ensures a two-factor authentication process for opening and closing the car door so that only the right persons and owner can manage the car

This technology also allows new voice commands to activate alerts while driving into a wrong lane or for service checks.

With the success of installments of these features into cars, Volvo is now aiming for full electrification with the integration of its cars with Google Assistant. And therefore to reach a full carbon emission-reducing potential for cars, a step towards preventing pollution.

With this integration, car owners can get information about the details of their car at any time and at any place, for example, charge schedules. The embedded invoice feature will help the owners to remind and decide when the car needs to be charged.

According to Google, this feature will initially be available in the US and European countries and will soon be available in the rest of the markets as well.

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