Which Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Right for Me?

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If you are considering increasing the size of your breasts with breast augmentation, you are likely looking into your implant options. 

It’s true that for years, breast implants were the only notable way to increase breast fullness. However, that is no longer the case. Now, many women are choosing natural breast augmentation (breast augmentation with fat transfer) as an alternative to saline or silicone implants.

So, which breast augmentation surgery option is right for you?

Why Do Some Women Not Want Implants?

Breast augmentation and breast implants are synonymous, often being used interchangeably with no problem. 

However, not every woman who wishes to enlarge her breasts wants implants. Some women are uneasy about inserting foreign objects into their bodies. Others are only looking for a minor adjustment and are unsure that they need a large implant. And, still, some women believe that implants will not give them the natural results they desire (although this is often because they are unaware of the vast options of natural-looking and feeling implants available today). 

What Is Natural Breast Augmentation, and Why Doesn’t It Involve Implants?

Natural breast augmentation uses liposuction to remove excess fat from an area of the body (traditionally the abdomen, hips, thighs, or buttocks) which is then transferred to the breasts — via injection. 

This technique is far from the first to use fat as a method of contouring. Fat transfer has long been used as a method of facial rejuvenation (filling in facial hollows) and butt augmentation (the well-known Brazilian Butt Lift). 

Because the augmenting material is fat, your fat transfer breast augmentation results will look entirely natural. Your breasts will look slightly fuller but still feel soft. 

Additionally, as there is no implant used, there is no chance of allergic reaction or potential post-implant complications, such as implant rupture, leaking, or capsular contracture. 

The most important thing to remember about this technique is that it cannot provide the same volume enhancement as implants. Even under the best circumstances, natural breast augmentation only increases the breast volume a small amount — usually one cup size at most.

Is Traditional Breast Augmentation With Implants Better for Me?

Even though implants can result in complications that require secondary breast surgery (breast revision), they are very safe and reliable. Breast implants have changed and improved significantly over the decades and can now recreate the look and feel of natural breast tissue better than ever before. 

Entirely customizable, breast implants allow for nearly any type of enhancement, whether you want an increase in size, projection, shape, or all three. 

Because implants hold their shape, there is a better guarantee of the final result’s contour, which is an assurance many women want. Additionally, breast implants can provide a much more significant size enhancement than fat transfer allows for.

Can You Combine Both Breast Augmentation Techniques?

It is not unusual for women to combine fat transfer with an implant. This can be seen during initial breast augmentation, breast revision, or breast reconstruction surgeries.

By combining techniques, you get the significant volume enhancement of the implant and the softening and final contouring of the breast with the fat. Occasionally, breast implant sides can be seen through the breast tissue (if there is only minimal natural tissue); adding fat to those areas can help ensure that the implant ridges are not noticeable.

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