Jacksonville Plastic Surgeons Discuss QWO® and EMSCULPT NEO®

The board-certified plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group explain the benefits of QWO® and EMSCULPT NEO®, two non-surgical aesthetic enhancement solutions that are quickly rising in popularity.

Jacksonville, FL – As advances in plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic enhancement continue to produce new treatment options for patients, the Jacksonville plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group are putting the spotlight on two recent additions to their practice that they say could be genuine game-changers: QWO® for cellulite reduction and EMSCULPT NEO® for body sculpting. The doctors note that these two options, both of which do not require surgery or extensive recovery periods, are giving many individuals the opportunity to effectively address common aesthetic conditions with exceptional results.

QWO® is an injectable solution designed to help adult women reduce signs of moderate to severe cellulite that appear on the buttocks. It is the first injectable treatment for cellulite to achieve approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Cellulite is an extremely common condition that primarily affects women, and can even develop in individuals who are in excellent shape and consistently live healthy lifestyles. The appearance of “craters” and “dimples” in the skin that are characteristic of cellulite are often due to fibrous bands in the tissue that contract and pull the skin down. The doctors at Florida Plastic Surgery Group say QWO® is quite unique among cellulite treatment options, offering a completely non-surgical method of diminishing signs of cellulite in the buttocks—which is one of the most common areas in which the condition manifests. The treatment protocol involves a series of three appointments spaced over a period of about nine weeks. The QWO® solution is injected directly into the areas of tissue showing signs of cellulite. The main ingredient of the QWO® solution is a collection of enzymes called collagenases, which are believed to be effective for minimizing cellulite by working to release the fibrous bands, thereby giving the skin a smoother and less dimpled appearance. In addition to its ability to provide individuals with a quick procedure and little to no need for recovery time, the doctors say QWO® has produced incredible results for many patients.

Another new, non-surgical treatment at the practice – EMSCULPT NEO® – is designed to serve a different purpose. This FDA-cleared option is a state-of-the-art body sculpting treatment that can help many individuals reduce excess fat and refine muscle tone in targeted areas such as the arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs, or calves. EMSCULPT NEO® utilizes a combination of radiofrequency waves and high-intensity electromagnetic energy to start a process that breaks down fat cells and filters them out of the body naturally, then strengthens muscles in the area by helping them contract to a degree that cannot be achieved in a standard workout. Ultimately, the doctors explain, EMSCULPT NEO® can reduce excess fat in specific areas of the body while simultaneously building muscle mass, helping patients attain a more sculpted look in areas that have been unresponsive to traditional diet and exercise routines. They note that one of the most prominent benefits of the EMSCULPT NEO® procedure is that it does not require surgery, anesthesia, or long periods of downtime. In fact, most of their EMSCULPT NEO® patients are able to immediately resume their daily routines after the treatment has been performed.

While the plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group say both QWO® and EMSCULPT NEO® procedures can be excellent options for many patients, they note that these treatments may not be ideal for everyone. They say the first step for individuals who are considering treatments to address these types of aesthetic conditions is to schedule an initial consultation and evaluation to determine their candidacy. If either of these treatments is ideal for a patient’s needs and goals, the doctors say a customized treatment plan can be developed to improve the concerns with the best possible results. “With options such as QWO® and EMSCULPT NEO®, patients who are looking for effective, more convenient ways to address certain types of aesthetic conditions now have two very unique and advanced new options to consider.”

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Florida Plastic Surgery Group is a practice offering an extensive array of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures, in addition to a comprehensive range of non-surgical cosmetic enhancement options. Every member of the team of plastic surgeons at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, which includes Dr. Ankit Desai, Dr. Joseph Parks, Dr. Michael Fallucco, and Dr. Michael DeFazio, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Many of the doctors at the practice have also been named “Top Doctors” in Jacksonville Magazine. In addition to treatments such as QWO® and EMSCULPT NEO®, the Jacksonville plastic surgery practice is known for its expertise in performing breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, facelift, tummy tuck surgery, and other advanced procedures. The practice also offers options for post-mastectomy lymphedema, migraine headache pain, and many other conditions. The doctors are available for interview upon request.

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