Effects of metoprolol on serum inflammatory factors and myocardial ischemia in rats modeled with coronary heart disease

Am J Transl Res. 2021 Apr 15;13(4):2518-2527. eCollection 2021.


OBJECTIVE: This study was designed to observe the effects of metoprolol on serum inflammatory factors, cardiac function and oxidative stress response in rats modeled with coronary heart disease (CHD).

METHODS: Thirty clean SD rats aged 6-8 weeks were randomized into a control group (CG), treatment group (TG) and model group (MG), with 10 in each group. Rats in the CG were fed regular chow, while those in the MG and TG were fed a high-fat diet. After successful CHD modeling, those in the TG were given metoprolol every day, 10 mg/kg once a day. The effects of cardiac function indexes, myocardial injury indexes, blood lipids, inflammatory factors and oxidative stress indexes, myocardial apoptosis-related factors and apoptosis rate were observed and recorded before and after treatment.

RESULTS: Compared with the CG, the cardiac function indexes of the MG decreased significantly, while the myocardial injury indexes increased markedly. After metoprolol treatment, the cardiac function and myocardial injury of the TG were significantly improved. Also, the expression of serum lipid indexes in the MG increased obviously, and the hyperlipidemia in the TG was improved after metoprolol treatment. Besides, the expression of inflammatory factors in serum of the MG increased remarkably, and metoprolol could reduce the inflammatory state in rats. Furthermore, MDA in serum of the MG increased, SOD, CAT, GSH-Px decreased; revealing that metoprolol can improve oxidative stress in rats. Finally, the apoptosis rate of cardiomyocytes in the MG increased dramatically. Metoprolol treatment can reduce the apoptosis rate and improve the expression of apoptosis related proteins.

CONCLUSION: Metoprolol reduces the degree of myocardial injury, inhibits inflammatory reaction and oxidative stress in vivo, reduces myocardial apoptosis and improves myocardial ischemia in CHD modeled rats.

PMID:34017410 | PMC:PMC8129274

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