Botbox is growing: welcome 4 new developers!

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In this blog post, we would love to introduce you to the new heroes that are on the backside of the Botbox. Let’s take a morning coffee to talk to them!

Adam Babazada, Front-End Developer Intern

Murad: Adam, nice to meet you on our team. Tell us a bit about your journey; how did you decide your future profession? Was it an unexpected decision or something you were striving for?

Adam: Thanks, Murad. It all actually started as a hobby. When I used to study in school I was interested in games and game development accordingly. I was very curious about how games are being developed and found out that it all being based on the code, so I started to learn more about programming

Murad: I see. Many people are having a starting point of their professional from their hobbies in school times, but did you motivate to keep your learning progress?

Adam: I’ve entered the ADA University where they had newly opened IT faculty and there were lots of interesting lessons that gave me much more knowledge. When I was having free time I discovered some tutorials on YouTube, signed for courses from Udemy and Coursera

Murad: You mentioned Udemy and Coursera. In 2020, this topic is very important like never before. How much would you rate the opportunity of remote-studying?

Adam: Actually a lot, even our university is having remote lessons, and it's way easier, specifically for me. Other students also benefit from online studying as they can watch the lesson again because the teacher records for us all lessons. Coming to online courses, right now I’m learning to react on Coursera, and it's super easy friendly. I assume all depends on the teacher when he/she makes it engaging, doesn’t really matter it’s the online or physical lesson.

Murad: Glad to see generation Z takes the best out of the digital opportunities. How’s with the Botbox, Adam? What is your progress so far?

Adam: Quite intense and joyful. Right now I’m working on integrating the design to the platform and completing Opexbot’s website. I plan to succeed by accomplishing all needed development processes during the upcoming 2 months and become a full-time employee.

Murad: How do you think, will you manage to make it in time?

Adam: Counting that we are already above the planned progress — yes

Murad: Great to hear! Good luck, Adam 🙂

Quite a basic question, but still; what are your hobbies? are there any?

Adam: I like drawing and used to go to drawing classes since my parents noticed in childhood that I have an interest in arts and etc. Nowadays I’m not really spending too much time on this as I have studies and work, but besides drawing, I like swimming and tennis. Trying to separate at least some time for that on monthly basis.

Slightly moving to our next here — Elshad Suleymanli

Elshad Suleymanli, Front-end Developer

Elshad Suleymanli, Budapest, Hungary

Murad: Elshad, first of all — welcome to the team! While I was looking at your portfolio, I’ve found out that you been on an internship with AIESEC, just like Adam and me. Always glad to meet fellows from AIESEC in any kind of environment.

Elshad, we’ve met with you in Budapest where you had Master studies, tell us more about what kind of luggage of knowledge you brought with you back to Baku?

Elshad: Hi, Murad! Yes, I’ve been on an international volunteering internship abroad with AIESEC a few years ago, was quite an interesting and cultural experience for me.

Talking about my education in Budapest, I’ve studied Master of Business Information Technology at Corvinus University. Subjects were diverse, we had both IT and Business topics. In business, we covered accounting, financial statements, management, corporate finance and etc. In IT we had mostly programming classes, we were studying java, additionally, we had subjects on business analytics.

I’d say mainly we had a boost in business analytics by learning how to retrieve the data and make the right decisions with obtaining data.

Murad: Wow, that sounds super cool! How was life in Budapest so far? And also, one thing splashes my mind right now; you’ve got a pretty cool education on Data Science, why did you decide to join Botbox as a front-end developer?

Elshad: Well, it was quite cool. Comparing with my studies at Corvinus vs ADA, I had much more free time in Budapest. From recent memories, I can recognize the attending a football match between Hungary and Azerbaijan, where we both were there yet weren’t aware that gonna work together in the future 🙂

Hungary vs Azerbaijan football game, 2019 | Budapest, Hungary

Right now I’m learning more programming languages dedicated to the back-end position and would like to become a full-stack developer after all. The thing is, after being fully aware of most of the coding platform I think it's easier to change directions, whether in Data Science or anywhere else.

Murad: Yeah, I got you. Talking about Botbox, how everything goes so far? What are you working on right now?

Elshad: Right now I’m working on live chat and ticketing functions of the Botbox platform.

Murad: Yeah, the Botbox platform is one of the most exciting projects so far. Good luck with that! Since we all stacked at home in this 2020, what kind of content you are browsing? Any podcasts, shows, or nothing at all?

Elshad: I like actually watching streamers on Twitch, generally anything around gaming attracts me a lot since childhood. As an average student, I’m also interested in playing football, specifically in the last 4–5 years.

In my free time, I’m going swimming, specifically in summer. Almost forgot to mention, we have a project called that I’m running with my friend. Yet cannot spend the desired time for it, but it nice to check it.

Murad: Wow, sounds quite intense, even for hobbies. Coming to your project, I love everything turns around on original content — good luck with that!

Let’s see what is going on with our new joiners from the back-end team — Elmir and Hasan.

Elmir Aliyev, Back-end developer intern

Murad: Hi, Elmir! Welcome to the team 🙂 Share your story with us

Elmir: Hi, Murad! Well, my name is Elmir, I’m 21 and currently studying at ADA University on the faculty of computer engineering.

Murad: So many people from ADA in our team, that’s a pleasant surprise 🙂 How did you come across with Botbox?

Elmir: I was following Botbox’s Facebook page and found that Botbox is looking for a back-end developer, so I gave a try.

Murad: It seems your try was successful 🙂 Elmir, tell me what was the journey that brought to where you are right now.

Elmir: All started in school times when I’ve got a new PC. Back then I was thinking that PC is responsible for certain things and that’s it, but later on, I heard about programming and started to learn more about it. At the end of the day, my curiosity brought me to the learning processes.

Murad: Nice! this story is so similar to the ones that Adam shared, did you know each other before Botbox?

Elmir: Yeah, since we study at the same University we know each other quite well for a not short time already.

Murad: Great! Elmir, tell me how’s your onboarding process within the Botbox team goes? What is your progress so far? Any current tasks?

Elmir: It goes quite well and I like the innovative approach from Botbox a lot. Right now I’m working on the back-end side of the Opexbot and developing the databases.

Murad: Cool! The opexbot food order processing platform is quite exciting for all of us!

Slightly diving to the last, but least one — Hesen Uzunalov.

Hasan Uzunalov, Back-end developer intern

Murad: Hesen, first of all — welcome to the team! Let the readers know a bit about you with a short introduction.

Hasan: Hi, everyone! My name is Hasan, I’m developer and right now on an internship in Botbox.

Murad: Serious start. How do you contribute right now? Are there any tasks so far?

Hasan: I’m working mostly on bankoff platform, specifically with APIs and etc.

Murad: Honestly can say, Bankoff is the one that will shake the financial market. Good luck with all the processes there.

Tell me how it feels working in the start-up for you?

Hasan: I like the work environment, it’s quite positive and no matter how long I stay in the office — time usually flies so fast 🙂

Murad: Glad you are having positive vibes here 🙂 I asked other guys about their hobbies, most of them mentioned gaming; does it belongs to you too?

Hasan: Actually yes (laughing). I can even name my favorite ones: Warface, Csgo, GTA V, Mafia, and Pubg.

Murad: Cool list. I like GTA V too 🙂 Didn’t your interest in programming came from gaming? This is at least what I’ve seen by talking with other interns.

Hasan: At some point yes, since I was spending too much time in front of a computer.

Murad: I see 🙂 Anything else you’d wish you add at last?

Hasan: I’m working on the Bankoff’s bot right now and hope we all will taste fresh upgrades already as users 🙂

Murad: Nice wish, thank you for the warm talk!


These 4 individuals joined us recently and already does something that is going to shake the markets, wish them good luck! 🙂

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