5 Interesting Facts About the Brain You May Not Have Known

Our brain is the most complicated organ of the entire human body. It is the command center for our central nervous system, allowing us to talk, chew, breathe, and more. In fact, pretty much everything we do is due to our properly functioning brain. In addition to controlling our physical aspects of life, the brain also controls our thinking, emotions, how we behave, how we perceive and understand what’s around us, plus so much more.

While you probably knew about these standard and basic functions of the brain, our Crown Point, IN, neurologists at Midwest Neurology Associates have a few more fun and interesting facts up our sleeve that we’d like to share!

  1. A woman’s brain weighs approximately 2.6 pounds and a man’s weighs in around 2.9 pounds. You would think the bigger the brain, the smarter the person, but that is entirely false. Albert Einstein was one of the most intelligent human beings to walk to the earth, and his brain weighed in at around 2.7 pounds.
  2. Synaesthesia is a condition of the brain in which those diagnosed can hear colors, smell words, or see a concept. The condition was first discovered and observed in the 19th century and is caused by brain trauma or some type of degeneration.
  3. Did you know that 75% of the brain is made up of water? That’s why even the slightest bit of dehydration can debilitate our normal brain functions.
  4. Doctors and scientists are still unsure of how or why we dream. Some suggest that dreaming is a way to “exercise the brain” and keep it stimulated while we sleep, and others believe it’s a way for the brain to absorb thoughts and memories from the day.
  5. When a friend or sibling tickles you, this stimulates the millions of nerve endings you have lying beneath the skin. In turn, you either laugh and squirm in delight, or cry and squirm in pain. However, if you were to trying to tickle yourself, the cerebellum would prevent you from doing so. The cerebellum, which is responsible for the body’s physical movement, can predict the sensation that is about to happen, and prevent you from reacting to it.


While these are just a few fun facts about the human brain, if you’d like to learn more, stop by to see one of our Highland, IN, neurologists at Midwest Neurology Associates today!

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