Dentally announces exciting new product developments

Dentally explains what it has improved on recently to help its user’s experience.

At Dentally we are passionate about patient management software, our team of engineers are committed to product innovation, developing cloud-based software with new features and updates to ensure it saves our customers valuable time in their day-to-day dental practice management.

It has been a busy start to 2019 for Dentally, with the introduction of a number of exciting new features and functionality. This is just a short round-up of some of the product updates now available.

Appointment reminders

Dentally has developed new functionality to its SMS text, letter and email reminders service, which means the one message will show all of the appointments on the same message (and not in multiple messages) through the preferred contact method for the patient. Each practice can set up their own copy, so it is personalised to them. For example; the message might read: ‘Mrs Wilson you have an appointment with Dr Brown at 9.00am and Miss Johnson at 9.30am on Tuesday 22 January.’

This offers the patient one easy to understand message, improves their experience of this touch-point with the practice and also saves your team time and prevents difficult conversations with patients at reception. It will also save you money from sending unnecessary multiple SMS messages to remind a patient that they have two appointments on the same day. Learn more here: blog.dentally.co/appointment-reminders.

More time-saving changes to the Dentally iPad app

We have now added more to the Dentally iPad app, including the option for multi-site filtering. If you have multiple practices, each practice can now view the relevant appointments for the site they are located on – so they no longer have to go through all of the appointments for the whole business.

In addition, the NHS PR form is automatically filled in using the patient’s existing details and exemptions that are held within Dentally on the app. All the patient has to do is check all the details on the iPad and sign. The form will then be automatically uploaded to Dentally and securely stored in the patient’s record. Another new feature is for those patients that have a signatory on their behalf. The person who is signing on behalf of a patient (as a parent, guardian or carer) must enter a name before they proceed to the next step – so we have improved this workflow and made sure this data field can no longer be missed.

To read more about why you should be using the Dentally iPad app visit: blog.dentally.co/save-time-with-the-ipad-app.

Medical history

Dentist practitioners can now add a follow up question to each of the medical history questions they wish to ask a patient. The patient will then be asked the relevant follow up question if their response is ‘Yes’. This is a free flow text box so they can also expand upon their response.

We have also changed the default way medical histories are displayed. So now only the questions that patients have answered ‘Yes’ by default are shown quickly, so the dental practitioner and their team can see what is important straight away. All of the questions the patient was asked and answered are still visible and can be reviewed if needed.

Find out more here: blog.dentally.co/changes-to-medical-history.

NHS Scotland prior approvals

Dentally is delighted to be officially approved and compliant to the NHS Practitioner Services Divisions (PSD) e-Dental Programme phase two reforms for NHS Scotland. Scottish dental practitioners can be confident that they can undertake their NHS work effectively with Dentally.

To find out more click here: blog.dentally.co/nhs-scotland-prior-approvals.


We have also been looking at chart locking to make it easier to scroll through treatment plans, added a new integration with Rego, the patient referral service (blog.dentally.co/dentally-now-integrates-with-rego), introduced more imaging bridges, patient defaults for recall methods and made some visual enhancements to the user interface.

Look out for our monthly Changelog, which summarises all our latest product developments and updates. Our latest one is here: blog.dentally.co/latest-product-update-0. Our commitment to innovation means we don’t just offer product updates but also exciting new features that make our dental practitioners’ lives easier. And remember because we are cloud-based, updates are simple, they just happen without any interruption to you!

If you would like to find out more about these exciting new product developments or arrange a demo and join the 4,000 dental professionals who work smarter, work remotely and work securely with Dentally, simply visit our website or email us hello@dentally.co.

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