A career in cardiology: why?

Cardiology remains an attractive specialty. In the UK for the 2017 application round, cardiology received the highest number of applications of all the medical specialties. At its peak in 2011, the competition ratio for a UK cardiology training number was 6.46.1 Due partly to an increase in training numbers (from 94 to 136), this has reduced to 2.65 in 2017,2 but it still remains a competitive specialty. What drives people to pursue a career in cardiology? To get a local sample of opinion, we surveyed first-year and second-year doctors at a busy London teaching hospital. As a topic, 64% of the 33 responders (80% female) thought that cardiology was interesting, but only 21% would consider applying to pursue it as a career. When asked to describe their perception of cardiology as a career, the most common descriptors were ‘interesting’, ‘difficult’ and ‘competitive’. To delve into…

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