What to Know About Nasal Fractures

Facial Fractures East Brunswick NJIf you or your child were recently injured while playing a sport or were in an accident, then you should be seen by a doctor. If you received a blunt force trauma to the face and you think you broke your nose, then you may have visions of looking like Owen Wilson for the rest of your life going through your mind on repeat. To make sure that we can test your nasal fracture the right way, we have listed a few things for every facial fracture patient of ours to know.


Go to the Doctor

As we mentioned, if you or your child were injured, you should go see a physician right away. Even though you may think that there’s nothing they can do about a nasal fracture, the number one thing that they will check for is a septal hematoma. A septal hematoma is a collection of blood that, if it’s not removed and drained immediately, it can cause more damage and complications inside of the nose. An emergency room physician or urgent care physician should be able to check for this. If they do say that you or your child has a broken nose, then make sure that you schedule an appointment with Dr. George Philip Smith right away.

Schedule An Appointment

The first thing you should do after you leave the doctors office is schedule an appointment with us. You need to be seen for a nasal fracture within one or two weeks so that we can plan everything accordingly. During your initial appointment with Dr. Smith, he may repair your nose immediately or he may wait until the swelling goes down.

If left untreated, a nasal fracture can leave you with a permanent inability to breathe properly or an undesirable appearance. Make sure that you contact Dr. Smith right away if you or your loved one had a fractured nose. To learn more, contact our Oakhurst office today at (718) 608-1111.

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