Do You Need a Pain Specialist?

According to an article published by Everyday Health, over 76 million Americans aged 20 and older experience chronic pain. Many experts also agree that chronic pain (pain lasting 12 weeks or longer) is much more than just a physical and emotional experience, but a disease.


How much pain is too much pain, though? How do you know when it’s time to see a pain specialist for your chronic migraines or stubborn lower back pain? A lot of people will first turn to their primary physician in Lake County, IN, for pain management, but a pain specialist that caters to your unique neurological condition will have you feeling better much faster. Is it time that you finally see a pain specialist? Here are three signs you should.


You Take More and More Medications and Still Have No Pain Relief


When you take the same medications over a period of time, eventually you will build a tolerance. Over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Advil will only go so far until you feel little to no relief at all from them. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s time to find a new way to treat your pain by visiting a pain specialist. They will review the medicines you’ve been taking and find alternatives to help manage your pain more effectively.


The Pain is Daily and Has Exceeded Three Months


Acute pain will resolve itself and generally get better within a 12-week span. Chronic pain, on the other hand, exceeds three months and is much more severe. Chronic pain almost always needs intervention and treatment from a pain specialist. Some commons forms of chronic pain are linked to conditions such as headaches, arthritis, cancer, nerve pain, and back pain. If you are experiencing daily pain that is associated with any of the conditions mentioned above, contact the Highland, IN, pain management specialists at Midwest Neurology Associates for help today.


The Pain Impedes Your Sleep & Daily Life Activities


When your chronic pain starts to interfere with your daily life activities such as walking, sleeping, and even just watching TV on the couch, it’s time to call a pain specialist. They will be able to pinpoint the exact location where the pain is originating from and create a pain management program that is specific to your condition.


There is an alternative to living in pain, and it starts at Midwest Neurology Associates. Learn more about how we can help you conquer your chronic pain once and for all my scheduling an appointment today.

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