Philips Envisions Use of Augmented Reality in Operating Room (Video)

The Microsoft HoloLens is an impressive augmented reality (AR) system that lets the user overlay graphics over the visual scene in front. Philips is partnering with Microsoft to bring this technology to the operating room, and it has released a “concept” that foreshadows how AR can be used for image-guided minimally invasive therapies.

Physicians working in cath labs have to take into account individual patient anatomy via MRI or CT scans captured previously, live imaging coming in from the fluoroscope, and data provided by the digital patient monitors. This can be awkward and overwhelming, particularly when one has to operate on the patient below while looking up on the screens above.

The HoloLens, by showing the various data within one’s field of view, may allow clinicians to be able to focus better on the task without the frustration of having to change where one’s looking and adjust what a particular device is displaying.

Here’s a video that Philips released along with Microsoft that delves a bit into the possibilities for augmented reality in the cath lab:


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