iVascular’s Navitian Coronary Microcatheters for Chronic Total Occlusions Cleared in EU

iVascular, a Spanish company that makes catheter-based devices, won the European CE Mark for its new Navitian coronary microcatheter. The device is indicated as a support for guidewires, helping to exchange guidewires, and for injection of radiopaque contrast agents, as well as saline solution.

The company designed the device to help address chronic total occlusions, which are particularly difficult to treat. The braided design allows the catheter to maintain strength while being pushed through tortuous anatomy and during penetration of occlusions. The HYDRAX PLUS hydrophilic coating on the outside helps it slide through the vasculature, while on the interior, a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) helps the guidewire to glide through the lumen.

The device is available in sizes from 135 to 150 cm and can accomodate .014″ guidewires.

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