MPhil-PhD transfer seminar – Fatemeh Najibi

MPhil-PhD transfer presentation

When: Fri, 1st Feb 2019, 1.30pm
Where: C103 (1st  Floor, Tait Building)

Who: Fatemeh Najibi, City, University of London

Title: Deterministic Microgrid Optimal Operation

Abstract: With the inclusion of renewable energy into power systems, traditional power system face new challenges. Due to their inherent fluctuations and variability,  the introduction of renewable energies in power systems poses new challenges in modeling uncertainty. Controlling and optimizing the operation cost by adjusting the output generation of renewable energy resources make power systems operation more reliable and secure. In this work, we aim to solve one optimal microgrid management problem in deterministic and probabilistic framework. This microgrid is connected to the utility and comprises of different renewable energy generators such as photovoltaic (PV), wind generators, batteries, hydroelectric plants, and microturbine.
The objective is to minimize the cost of generation and the voltage deviation from the reference.
The optimization problem is nonlinear since the AC load flow which is a constraint in the optimization problem is nonlinear. we linearize AC load flow in the first step. Secondly, we model the problem in a deterministic framework without considering the impact of uncertainties on power system. The other physical constraints which are taken into account in this work are the equality constraint of load generation balance, output power limitation and voltage limitation. Finally, we will model the nonlinear problem in probabilistic framework to see how uncertainties can affect the system. The first two steps have been done before transferring to PhD and the final step will be done in the next following two years.

All welcome!

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