Philips Unveils New Zenition Surgical C-Arms

Philips is releasing a new mobile surgical C-arm designed to improve efficiency in the operating room. The Philips Zenition sports a tablet-like interface that runs the same Unify software across the various versions of the Zenition and is similar to what appears in some other radiological equipment from Philips, allowing operators to quickly learn to operate new devices.

It features a quick point-and-shoot image capture mode, a small footprint, position memory, and “BodySmart” software that produces large images with high quality all the way to the detector’s edges. Many of the algorithms that improve image quality come from Philips’ high-end Azurion platform, including MetalSmart algorithms that compensate for metal implants, particularly helpful in ortho surgery.

“The Philips Zenition is a user-friendly system that’s intuitive to use for both surgeons and nursing staff,” said Nikolaos Bonaros, Associate Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria, in a published statement. “Its simplified workflow means that we can convert a room from a conventional OR to a high-quality interventional room more quickly. At the same time the system provides high image quality at the level required for hybrid OR procedures.”

The Zenition C-arms are cleared in the US and Europe and will be made available for purchase in the coming months. They are upgradeable and owners will only have to pay for the upgrades to stay up to date with the technology.

Here’s a Philips promo video for the Zenition:

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