TestCard, a $4 Urine Test Read by Your Smartphone

Recently announced as one of the Digital Trends’ Top Tech of CES 2019, TestCard is a UK-based company that allows users to turn their smartphones into a clinical-grade urinalysis kit.

The process starts with a postcard-like card mailed directly to the consumer. The card costs about $4 and contains three fold-out urine test strips, each with a QR code and several small, multi-colored square pads. A test strip is detached from the card and dipped in a urine sample, after which the accompanying mobile app utilizes the phone’s camera to scan and analyze the test strip. About 20 seconds later, the app displays the test results and provides any further information.

In January 2018, TestCard announced a partnership with the UK’s National Health Service for use in hospitals. The company hopes to market directly to consumers through retail and online sales, however, and plans to become widely available in the UK in April 2019, before expanding into the US by July. TestCard has developed cards for the most common urine tests, including those for pregnancy, urinary tract infection, drug screening, sexually transmitted infections, glucose levels, and prostate health.

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