A Question Answering System Using Graph-Pattern Association Rules (QAGPAR) On YAGO Knowledge Base. (arXiv:1902.00624v1 [cs.DB])

A question answering system (QA System) was developed that uses graph-pattern
association rules on the YAGO knowledge base. The answer as output of the
system is provided based on a user question as input. If the answer is missing
or unavailable in the database, then graph-pattern association rules are used
to get the answer. The architecture of this question answering system is as
follows: question classification, graph component generation, query generation,
and query processing. The question answering system uses association graph
patterns in a waterfall model. In this paper, the architecture of the system is
described, specifically discussing its reasoning and performance capabilities.
The results of this research is that rules with high confidence and correct
logic produce correct answers, and vice versa

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