PMA Condemns PMDC Over Discriminating Attitude   

KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has condemned the discriminating attitude of the PMDC towards local Pakistani universities and their bias towards foreign universities. The PMA criticized the PMDC’s dismissal of local Pakistani Ph.D., M-Phil, and MDS degrees while unreservedly accepting foreign degrees.

In his statement, the Secretary-General of the Pakistan Medical Association (Centre), Dr S. M. Qaisar Sajjad, addressed the dilemma being faced by doctors who pursued their postgraduate studies in Pakistan. Owing to the restrictions inflicted by the PMDC, the future of these doctors has been jeopardized as they are struggling to get promotions or even find jobs in their respective capacities.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan suspended the notification that forbade the awarding of degrees at Karachi University. Dr Sajjad pointed out that despite the Supreme Court’s order, degrees from Karachi University are still not being accepted.

Moreover, Dr Sajjad raised the question about whether these foreign university degrees have been registered with the PMDC. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan accepts, yet the PMDC refuses to acknowledge the same degrees from local Pakistani universities. This prejudice towards medical doctors holding Ph.D. and M-Phil degrees from general Pakistani universities is incredibly damaging to their careers.

Dr Sajjad demanded the PMDC to review its discriminatory policy against the general universities of Pakistan and accept their degrees with the same zeal and fervor so that doctors with local university degrees too may advance in their careers.

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