VisualCamp Headset Eye Tracking at CES 2019

Head-worn displays, including ones for virtual reality and augmented reality, are becoming common in medicine. They’re already used to superimpose planning images on the patient’s body during surgery, to teach students how to perform procedures, and to analyze clinical data like never before.

While they’re already amazingly cool, headsets can be made a lot smarter, the software within them more intuitive to use, and currently unimagined products would be possible if eye tracking was also integrated into them. We actually already have eye tracking products out that are used in medicine, including one for helping to detect brain concussions.

VisualCamp is a South Korean company that has developed its own eye tracking technology that operates at low latency, high accuracy, and without requiring a lot of computing power.

We spoke to the company CEO to learn more about VisualCamp’s technology and how it can be applicable to medicine:

Here’s a VisualCamp promo video for the company’s technologies:

Link: VisualCamp homepage…


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