DFree Ultrasound Device Sends Notifications of Bladder Status to Your Phone: CES 2019

Urinary incontinence is a common malady, and one that is affecting more people every year due to the growing aging population. There are number of products available to treat urinary incontinence, depending on its cause and type. At CES 2019 we learned of a new ultrasound device that can sense the size of a person’s bladder and predict when it’s time to go to urinate to prevent stress incontinence.

The DFree device from a company called Triple W is attached to the lower abdomen, where it resides throughout the day and as necessary. It bounces ultrasound waves off of the bladder on a regular basis and can detect how the bladder is growing over time. It wirelessly connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth and sends notifications when it’s time to think about visiting the bathroom.

The technology has significant implications for people who have trouble managing their bladder on their own.

Here’s our interview with Triple W at CES 2019:

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