Tanita Pinball, Body Composition Analyzer with Game Functionality: Seen at CES 2019

Tanita is a Japanese leader in the production of precision scales and body composition measurement devices. The company believes that the road to good health begins with accurate body measurements, which can provide motivation and maintain awareness of progress. Tanita has been a pioneer in the market since 1994 when they released the world’s first consumer body fat scale, and has continued to develop innovative measurement devices since then. At CES 2019, they took another step by revealing their newest product, Tanita Pinball.

While still in the conceptual model phase, Tanita Pinball looks to gamify body composition measurements and make the process of taking an individual’s measurements more enjoyable. The device builds on a previous device that provides the user with 13 health measurements, which include: weight, body fat percentage, fat mass, fat free mass, muscle mass, muscle mass percentage, total body water, total body water percentage, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat rating, and BMI. The device is capable of quick and easy measurements by running a low-level electrical signal through the body from the hand grips.

The gaming aspect of Tanita Pinball involves the use of the hand grips to control a pair of flippers in a game of pinball on the screen in front of the user. The game’s layout changes based on the body composition measurements taken, which keeps the game enjoyable over repeated plays.

Althought the concept was demonstrated at CES 2019, Tanita has not yet announced a release date for the product.

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