Abbott Showing Off Its Glucose Monitoring Tech: CES 2019

We didn’t expect to see Abbott at CES 2019, since the show trends toward consumer oriented technologies. But modern glucometers, for example, are some of the most advanced personal electronic devices that people use on a daily basis.

Abbott has been a leader in this field and it has allowed diabetic patients a new level of freedom and safety when using the company’s FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system, which continuously measures glucose for two weeks straight. The system consists of disposable stick on patches that feature an almost painless microneedle. A reader that looks like a smartphone is used to download data from the patches. There’s no need to prick the finger every time a reading is to be taken, which alleviates probably the main complaint of people having to closely monitor their glucose.

Here’s our interview with one of Abbott’s reps about their efforts in this field:

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