Dental Implants Westminster CO | When Can I Return to Work After Getting Dental Implants

Despite being told by your dentist to rest and take the time off following getting Dental Implants Westminster CO, you can’t help but think what could go wrong if you go back to work. A lot of patients want to get back to work so they can recover from their dental implant expense while others just want to show off their new set of teeth. Whatever reason you may have, you need to wait a while longer until your dentist will give you the OKAY signal.

When Can You Return to Work After Dental Implants?

In a successful dental implant operation, the swelling and pain you’ll experience will only be minimal. Most patients ask their dentist to schedule the operation during the end of the week either on a Thursday or a Friday so they can resume work on Monday. The days over the weekend are sufficient enough for them to rest and recover. Knowing when to go back is up to your dentist and your body.

What to Expect After Dental Implant Surgery?

Your dentist will likely prescribe pain medications during the first three days following surgery. If discomfort still persists, you will be allowed to take over-the-counter painkillers. If the pain can be managed, you can go back to work after a couple of days. However, not all cases are the same. Some patients experience more pain than others and may need a little more time to recuperate. Furthermore, there are certain pain medications that can cause drowsiness, and this can be dangerous if you drive yourself to work.

How Can You Improve the Healing Process?

There are ways that can help expedite the healing process. Shortening the healing time will enable you to work much sooner. One way to shorten the healing process is to avoid smoking before the surgery as this constricts your blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the area. Another way to expedite the healing is to adhere to your post-op care.

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Looking for Information About Dental Implants Westminster CO?

Every person is different. Ask your dentist for tips on Dental Implants Westminster CO recovery. At Fox Creek Family Dental, we are committed to providing outstanding and progressive family dental care at an exceptional value. Call us today for an appointment.

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