Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Artificial Intelligence News #94 – Jan 10th 2019

In the News

Cheaper AI for everyone is the promise with Intel and Facebook’s new chip

Companies hoping to use artificial intelligence should benefit from more efficient chip designs.


Finland’s grand AI experiment

Inside Finland’s plan to train its whole population in artificial intelligence.


World's largest AI startup readies $2B fundraising



The first AI/machine learning course with job guarantee

Work with the latest AI applications after completing Springboard’s self-paced, online machine learning course. Weekly personal calls with your own AI/machine learning expert. Personalized career coaching. Build a portfolio of meaningful projects that will get you hired. Get a job or your tuition back with the proven Springboard job guarantee.



High-performance medicine

On the convergence of human and artificial intelligence


Does AI make strong tech companies stronger?

A.I. needs lots of data to work well, which leads to virtuous circles (more data => better AI => better product => more data) that can benefit large established tech companies. Is this true though?


Unprovability comes to machine learning

Scenarios have been discovered in which it is impossible to prove whether or not a machine-learning algorithm could solve a particular problem. This finding might have implications for both established and future learning algorithms.


Lessons Learned at Instagram Stories and Feed Machine Learning

Instagram’s recommender system serves over 1 billion users on a regular basis for feed and stories ranking as well as post recommendations and smart prefetching. Here are a few lessons learnt along the way of building this ML pipeline.


Software tools & code

Designing an audio adblocker for radio and podcasts

Adblock Radio detects audio ads with machine-learning and Shazam-like techniques. The core engine is open source: use it in your radio product! You are welcome to join efforts to support more radios and podcasts.


What Kagglers are using for Text Classification

About TextCNN, Bidirectional RNNs and Attention Models.


10 Data Science tools I explored in 2018


Tensorflow Privacy

Library for training machine learning models with privacy for training data. This makes use of differential privacy.



Does my startup data team need a Data Engineer?

The role of the data engineer in a startup data team is changing rapidly. Are you thinking about it the right way?


Some inspiration

How big data has created a big crisis in science



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