PEMRA urges verification of doctors before TV/radio interviews

KARACHI- Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) in an official letter, has issued directives to all the satellite TV channels and FM radio stations to confirm registrations of healthcare providers, before inviting them to appear on any health related programme.
According to the letter issued by PEMRA, the Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) established under Sindh Healthcare Commission Act 2013 has been mandated to improve and regulate the quality of health care service delivery and eradicate quackery from the province of Sindh by following sections from the SHCC Act 2013.
All satellite TV channel and FM radio station licensees are requested to apprehend Section-13(1) of Sindh Healthcare Commission Act, 2013; wherein a health care service provider (PCPs) should not provide healthcare services without being registered by concerned authorities.

Moreover, Section-14 (1) of the SHCC Act states that any healthcare establishment should not be used, except in accordance with the terms and conditions of an issued license.

In case of non-compliance, strict legal action will be taken against the involved authorities.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC), Dr Minhaj A Qidwai, confirmed SHCC’s request. He added that PEMRA accepted the request and immediately issued necessary directives to TV channels and FM radio stations in this regard.

He expressed hope regarding optimum cooperation from the owners of TV channels and radio stations, to work together by following rules to maintain content quality.


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