World’s First Blood Pressure Smart Watch from Omron

Omron, a ubiquitous name when it comes to blood pressure measurement, is about to release the first smartwatch that can measure blood pressure directly from the wrist. The Omron HeartGuide sports a band that doubles as a blood pressure cuff, inflating when requested through the buttons on the side of the watch.

It also monitors the wearer’s heart rate and sleep quality throughout the night, but can’t be programmed to take BP readings while sleeping.

The HeartGuide syncs its data with an accompanying app, which is also slated to be released, where users can store their blood pressure readings, as well as heart rate history and how restful sleep was.

Omron touts its R&D work to build such a small blood pressure system, as some of the valves and pumps within the HeartGuide are no larger than a grain of rice. Whatever the wristband is made of is supposedly five times stronger than steel, according to the company. This allows the device to safely inflate to high pressure without breaking apart.

The device just received FDA clearance and will soon be made available to the public for purchase.

Here’s a promo video for the Omron HeartGuide:

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