Dr. Lindsay Elton on Tips for Holiday Toys

Dr. Lindsay Elton stopped by the FOX-7 studio recently to share some tips for selecting holiday toys for kiddos this year as recommended by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).

While many parents automatically think about indulging their kids with sought-after electronics, the better choice really is more traditional, hands-on toys.

Good examples of these include pretend play items like food and kitchen sets, interactive games, building toys and blocks, or plush dolls and action figures.

These toys encourage better brain development and help kids to:

             Strengthen their imaginations and foster creativity.

             Learn to problem solve (when playing games).

             Improve fine and gross motor skills.

             Figure out how to act sociably and get along with others.

Dr. Elton says that if you do purchase electronics for your children, make sure they can be used interactively with a friend, parent, or another caregiver.

She also reminds us that the holidays are an important time to remember to stay within the recommended limits for screen times—as it’s easy to go overboard with kids home from school or lots of traveling. The AAP recommends no more than one hour per day for children over two years of age and no screen time at all for those who are younger.

Dr. Elton is one of Child Neurology Consultant’s board-certified child neurologists, and she also serves as the medical director for child neurology at St. David’s Children’s Hospital.

You can view her full interview on FOX-7 here.

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