EZbra Breast Dressing to Make Post-Op Recovery Easier, Safer

EZbra Advanced Wound Care, a firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is releasing in the U.S. its innovative breast dressing for recovery following procedures such as biopsies, lumpectomies, reconstructions, and placement of implants. The company hopes that its EZbra all-in-one device will become a standard of care, as currently there is no universally accepted methods for breast dressing.

The device comes sterile and is intended for one-time use, avoiding the potential for cross contamination. The level of compression that is placed upon the breasts can be easily adjusted at various points to achieve post-op requirements. It absorbs liquids and the multi-layer construction helps to prevent seepage. To help with managing drainage, the EZbra can hold onto and stabilize drain tubes.

“We are proud to bring our product to the US market and to introduce our solution to surgeons and their HCP staff to provide patients with a tailored, sterile and disposable breast dressing option,” said Efrat Roman, breast cancer survivor and EZbra CEO. “Our goal is to offer a quality post-operative option, while providing patients with the independence, dignity and self-esteem they deserve during recovery.”

Here’s a video showing how to use the EZbra:

Product page: EZbra

Via: EZbra Advanced Wound Care

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