Building Chatbot of the Future: What You Need, & What You Really Need

Now, almost every individual spend lots of time on different messaging applications like chatbot or other text-based tools. When it comes to messaging apps, they are the most powerful and innovative tools used by teams, business owners and customers across different verticals and industries. If you want to create chatbot application, you need to know about some important things. At first, you can choose the right chatbot platform. There are many platforms available to make the chatbot applications, so you can pick the right one as per your design. Develop a chatbot app uniquely because it helps you to stand out from the crowd.

You can take your app to the further by differentiating it to deliver an enhanced user experience as well as drive better engagement. Build a Chatbot app with all expected features to reach the targeted audience soon. This post covers lots of useful steps to develop a chatbot application. It is highly helpful for designers who want to build a chatbot from scratch.

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Expected App Features

  • You need to ensure that the chat app boast of the following features.
  • Send as well as receive text in the real-time
  • Messages are time stamped
  • Join, leave the chatroom
  • Messages are stored and retrieved easily
  • Boasting of user list which updates successfully in the real-time
  • Alerts for the offline users through push notifications
  • Typing indicators for showing when users are actively typing
  • Includes emojis
  • Has lots of gifs

Welcome others users to the group or block them or kick out users from the group for any inappropriate actions

Includes Suitable Chat Features

It is always smart to create a list of unique message features which set the message app unit. It is because the unique features will redefine the entire way actually communications occurs and continues for pushing the space forward. Here are important chat features as follow:

  1. Geolocation : Rather than forcing your users to quickly between mapping and messaging application, you can directly deliver geolocation to the chat users.
  2. Programmability : It is significant to build the chat application by keeping in mind the programmability.
  3. eCommerce and On-demand : You can run a complete shopping experience that ranges from browsing facilities to satisfying the orders by using chat.
  4. Live Events : You can ensure that the chat can easily compliment a live event or video and let users to easily interact with other users.
  5. Moderation : The chat applications require moderation tools to filter the messages.
  6. APIs and integration : It is same as chatbots. In this stage, you need to build chat microservices for integrating the third party APIs.
  7. User Experience : You can give your users delightful experiences
  8. Analytics : Finally, you should bring the business users complete transparency into the application usage.

How to Develop a Chatbot Application

It is always helpful to know the cost to build a chatbot app. It is significant to know that the cost to develop a chatbot app from scratch is ranging from $6000 to $12240. Here are the steps to develop the chatbot app.

Identify Your Opportunities

  • At first, you need to understand the chances for an AI-based chatbot.
  • Understand your customer goals
  • You can take your own time to create the list of your customer goals
  • Design the chatbot conversation
  • If you know the goals you can easily design the conversation by using chatbot.
  • Make use of non-coding frameworks to develop the chatbot
  • Many chatbot builder platforms are available including Botisfy, so you can choose the right one to create chatbot conversations.
  • Utilise code-based framework to develop the chatbot

Microsoft Bot, and are few code based framework that helps you to develop the chatbot application easily.

These are the simple steps that help you to develop a chatbot Android app. By following the simple procedures, you can also make a Chatbot iPhone & IOS APP without facing any difficulties.

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