5 Things to Know about Angioplasty and Stenting treatment

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is a condition when fatty deposits build up inside one or more arteries, preventing the blood flow. Over the period of time, the fatty deposits make the artery walls hardened and gradually the arteries clogged up. As the heart blockages increase it puts your heart at risk.

This is the time when coronary angioplasty and stenting can improve the blood flow through the arteries. If you have been feeling little aches on the left side of your chest and you’re not sure of this often chest pain. Knowing this life-saving treatment for heart treatment will help you take informed decision.

The treatment makes way for blood to flow:

CAD is one of the most common heart diseases. And it’s also one of the major reasons behind people dying of heart collapse. Coronary angioplasty and stenting are developed to remove the blockage from the arteries and make the way clean for the blood to flow and prevent from the risk of heart attack. Heart specialist in Kolkata may also recommend you for angioplasty to reduce shortness of breath and chest pain.

Treatment is catheter based:

Specialized cardiologists having experience in interventional treatment uses catheter based treatment including x-rays to identify the blockage condition. Catheters used in angioplasty are flexible and soft that can be easily perforated through the ways to make minimal invasive surgical treatment.


It’s a minimal invasive treatment:

The entire treatment falls under the category of minimal invasive surgical treatment. If you do angioplasty, local anesthesia will be performed to numb the incision area, either at your arm or groin. The catheter is then pushed through that place to reach out heart vessels. Blocked arteries are opened up widely by inflating balloon attached at the front of flexible catheter tube. As the balloon expands the stent, fatty deposits get removed and widens up the way.

Minimum chances of post treatment complications:

There’s usually no record of complications after angioplasty is done. Although it’s very uncommon for patients to suffer from severe complications after the treatment, but the procedure involves prospective medical risks such as bleeding, blood clots and etc. the patients may also have side-effects of medicines, sedation and other factors.

This treatment will improve heart condition:

Coronary angioplasty and stenting have given many people the opportunity to live their life in better way. People who had gone through angioplasty treatment are now enjoying healthy life and they are much more active because the heart is getting more oxygen. This treatment makes the heart perform better, no matter the age of the patients. However, angioplasty never guarantees or prevents the chance of further heart clogging.

When you have coronary artery disease, your heart will not function the way it should, resulting in life-threatening coronary diseases.

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