Vuzix Smart Glasses and Genzõ App Provide Live Life Experiences for Low-Mobility Patients

Vuzix, a New York-based supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality solutions, has partnered with 1Minuut Innovation, a Dutch healthcare innovation company, to provide a real-time life experience solution for low-mobility patients. The system consists of the Vuzix M300 smart glasses and the 1Minuut Genzõ app, and it allows patients who are confined to their house or bed to view a point-of-view (POV) live stream from someone wearing the glasses. The system is also useful for telemedicine, whereby a doctor can view a patient remotely and advise someone wearing the glasses on the most appropriate course of action.

At present, many patients with debilitating illnesses are confined to their house, bed, or a healthcare facility. This means that they can miss out on activities, experiences, and social interaction, significantly reducing their quality of life. Technology offered by Vuzix and 1 Minuut could help.

Their platform consists of smart glasses equipped with a camera and microphone. Using an app, a wearer can live stream a POV feed while wearing the glasses. Low-mobility patients can view the feed on a phone or tablet, helping them to be part of the experience. The list of possible experiences is endless, from trips to the zoo to family gatherings. 1Minuut has already started rolling the technology out within the Dutch healthcare system.

See a video below about someone who has benefited from the system:

Another application is telemedicine, in which the glasses can be worn by a healthcare assistant, such as a nurse in a nursing home or hospice, who can stream a live feed to a doctor in a remote location. The doctor can then guide the healthcare assistant in assessing and treating a patient and provide advice and feedback. The solution allows doctors to serve more patients, as it removes the travel time required for home visits.

Here’s a video illustrating the telemedicine capabilities of the technology:

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