The Diary of a Tummy Tuck Patient Day 2

So, as we approach the 48hr mark since awaking in recovery from my Apronectomy I had there’s definitely been some mixed emotions let me tell you. Yesterday and this morning I was filled with “buyers remorse” and “what on earth have you done to yourself and why”? As I watch the clock tick over the hours laying here on my back I have more than enough time to think about how these emotions are affecting me and my mental health. Getting up and going to bathroom has become easier, I can now do this alone; with some grunting, groaning and manoeuvring around I get there.

I’m feeling somewhat like a pin cushion, between the IV antibiotics, clexane injections, BSL’S, obs being down constantly and you can always guarantee they come do them just as u have fallen asleep 😂

So today I was told it was time for binder to come off, shower and dressed, now this was what I wanted but at first when suggested I was like “oh no” that means I’m gonna see my wound, I don’t want to do this, it’s gonna hurt blah blah… took some endone and off I went, and omg it was amazing I loved it, was the best ever – felt like a new person, really I did. Took some pics of my new healing tummy and stood there staring at myself for what seemed like an eternity just going wow that a magician this guy is and I didn’t have a full tummy tuck just an Apronectomy too. Went from 152kgs to around 87-88kgs from gastric sleeve, now this moment I had awaited for so long was here and I got to see my new tummy. So far I’m pretty pleased have to say. So back into bed after a short walk for some more rest, and sure enough nurse is here doing my OBS 😂😂

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